La Liga interest in having league matches abroad is absurd

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La Liga interest in having league matches abroad is absurd

Postby kema cooll » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:10 am

La Liga are interested in hosting fixtures abroad next season, in an idea inspired by the NFL and the Premier League but the idea in itself is absurd.
The Spanish Football Federation is interested in hosting La Liga games abroad next season, presumably in the USA and China, according to reports by the Guardian. The idea is similar to one that was formed by the English FA over a decade ago when the controversial idea of hosting an extra game in the Premiership season, a 39th game, to be played around the world outside of England which was thankfully met with widespread opposition from fans, and the idea was scraped in 2008.
SBOBET The Spanish Football Federation believes that despite the widespread opposition that was faced in England, that they could make the idea work and make it successful. The SFF could be looking at the success of the NFL and how well they’ve done with hosting games in England and could be looking to replicate that idea with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.From a marketing perspective, it surely can work. Clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and even Sevilla will attract enough interest from foreign fans. The prospect of hosting El Clasico in a major American stadium would be mouth-watering for any advertising company and will surely make an extortionate amount of money.
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