Land Casino Baccarat Variations

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Land Casino Baccarat Variations

Postby romanze7 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:51 pm

The most popular variant of land casino บาคาร่า is called Chemin de Fer. This is the game that has been glamorized in many of the earlier James Bond movies. In Chemin de Fer the bettors play against each other. The casino only facilitates the play and takes a rake. The bettors bid for the Banker position, with the highest bidder winning. He then takes the position of the house and puts up the bid amount as the bank money. He acts as the dealer and deals the cards for the Banker hand and the Player hand. All the other bettors wager for the Player to win. The bettor who wagers the most plays the hand of the Player. In Chemin de Fer the third cards are not taken as indicated by predetermined rules, but both the Player and the Banker can exercise options. If the Banker hand wins then the bettor who is playing the banker collects all the bets. If the Player hand wins then he pays out all bets at even money. The bets are so placed that their total does not exceed the amount in the bank. The bettor who has bid for the Banker position can continue playing the banker until he loses a hand or voluntarily relinquishes the position. The Banker position moves clockwise or counterclockwise, as per the rules of the individual casinos. If a bettor does not want to be Banker he can pass and the next bettor will become Banker. Because the bettors play against each other and hold the bank in turns, Chemin de Fer cannot be played at online gclub.
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