Toys for level builders.

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Toys for level builders.

Postby jcj49 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:18 pm

I've had a few, be they cruel, ideas for level builders to use when making challenge or hardcore maps.

Suction track: Tries to force you down onto itself. Obviously this wouldn't be very strong, or it could have a dial up setting (using the colour to aid in representing the suction force).

Shove track: Without enough speed to keep yourself pinned down onto the track, say hello to the stratosphere. These could be used to detour someone from attempting access to an 'easier' route, meaning less obstacles through the area, but you require much more speed to stay down.

I'm sure another idea I have, "moving roads" is already in the game, with the obstacles acting as the road and being triggered as the player goes within range. If people read this, or someone posts a better tutorial on how to do so, I imagine we'll be seeing quite a few different ROMHAK hard levels.

Hey, I'm not done yet. I'm sure gamer's here will remember the 'secret blocks' in Mario right? The annoying ones that you'd hit your head on and fall down...
Opacity filter on roads. Alternatively, Opacity filter on obstacles.

Mauler track: This one has a very small AI that randomly sends up obstacles, albeit a select few, to attempt to startle the player. Keep the obstacles short, but the pop up time be very close up on the player, shortening the time they have to react.

Now I'm just getting mean, but I enjoy watching myself fail time after countless time. It's fun!
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Re: Toys for level builders.

Postby kellyabnorman » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:08 am

Fun, you say? I do enjoy hard core levels but logic is to be applied here: over-twisted impassable games can quickly bore one.

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