Tank007 high power Riding LED Flashlight

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Tank007 high power Riding LED Flashlight

Postby HarrytvGary » Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:42 am

Riding includes day and night riding two ways:
Flashlight better fixed, if not carrying mountain bike clip flashlight, flashlight production house to try to make a match.

Flashlight floodlight with larger angle, a light a large, close things meters is completed, it is comfortable and safe.

Flashlight can not be too long will affect the ride, a single lithium (18650) for the length of the energy of the best flashlight.

Requires a long enough battery life, it is best to replace the battery flashlight best. You need a best pocket flashlight with you for emergency.

Battery: to select Sanyo Panasonic, Samsung and other major brands of 18650, the best choice with a protective plate, so that overcharge and over discharge affect battery life, (like ultrafire subject of no-name battery, low-cost, virtual standard capacity severely, in the pursuit of highlight and need long battery life is not recommended for purchase).

Light color temperature is important, riding flashlight light color: recommend choosing 4000-5500K color temperature, color temperature display of this index is good, has through the fog effect.
waterproof flashlight
Downtown not be too bright to be able to adjust the light, because car drivers can not see people riding in the street, especially when there are turning green plants, so in the urban areas is not to open a emergency flashlight to light the way, but in order to allow the driver see you.

Must seismic, seismic professional riding friends all know that riding a flashlight is not extraordinary seismic shift position or shutdown is very old fire thing, but also very dangerous.
Drop, often riding very few people have do not fall, do not go out of Yishuai "blood" for the flashlight.

Some better waterproof, heavy rain shower than a few hours without water.
brightest flashlights
UV flashlight
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Re: Tank007 high power Riding LED Flashlight

Postby bababa3216 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:49 am

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