Gclub Online This is the most interesting betting source!

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Gclub Online This is the most interesting betting source!

Postby SokSareth » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:30 am

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games in the world. Unlike most other card games in the casino the player does not have to make any decisions during the game play. The player simply needs to choose which hand they think will win, or they can bet on a tie. Baccarat always attracts players as it has a sophisticated reputation and is often a favourite with high rollers. Baccarat at GCLUB จีคลับ is hugely exciting and very popular with our players.


The two hands in play are Banker and Player and the aim is to get as close to 9 as possible. Once the player has decided which hand to bet on the action starts with the dealer dealing one card to each hand at a time. How many cards are dealt to each hand is determined by a procedure taking into account the total value of the hand so far.

All picture cards count as zero, Aces count as one, and the other cards have their own face value. Once a total gets to 10 the value returns to zero and single digits. So a 6 and a 7 would give a value of 3.

Both hands are dealt with 2 cards face up. The Player hand is dealt to first. If any hand gets an 8 and an Ace on first deal this is a natural 9, the best hand. If the Banker and the Player get the same points total the game is a tie.

If a player bets on Banker to win they must pay a 5% casino commission on the bet. However, the house edge is lower on the Banker bet than the Player bet at 1.36% to 1.17%. The tie bet has a high house edge at over 14% so this bet is unpopular with players who know their odds. Players get paid 8 to 1 on a tie bet, and even money on Player and Banker bets.

The drawing of the third card in baccarat is determined by a procedure the dealer must follow. If both hands have a total of less than 7, there must be a third card dealt to each hand. The course of action is determined in the following way:
Player hand is 0 – 5, Player draws a third card
Player hand is 6 – 7, Player stands.
Player hand is 8 – 9, both Player and Banker stand.
After the Player it is Banker’s turn to act:
Banker hand is 0 – 2, Banker draws a third card.
Banker hand is 3 – 6, Player hand determines draw or stand.
Banker hand is 7, Banker stands.

The game requires no strategy to play it is completely luck of the draw and the player makes no decisions beyond which hand to bet on prior to the cards being drawn. Baccarat is great fun to play and there is a definite classy feel to this game of chance.
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