What is it that you love about your favorite Rush album?

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What is it that you love about your favorite Rush album?

Postby JoeClark » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:05 pm

So in keeping with the subtitle of this subforum, I think it's time we had some real deep album related discussion! Now, there's plenty of room in here to debate which albums are better and worse (pointless as it is at this point), however the focus should be on discussing qualities you like about your favorite album. Conversely maybe what you don't like so much, but I feel more positive today so I'll start with what I like.

So briefly put, I love AFTK because it was the first album I listened to actively with my dad, and it was also a gift of sorts from him, and it contains both of our favorite Rush songs. In addition,the production is clear and powerful and unyielding, yet rustic and warm and fragile at the same time. The acoustics and the electrics live in perfect harmony. It also contains some of Ged and Neil's most compelling drum and bass work (AFTK, Cinderella Man, Xanadu of course, CTTH, etc.), yet Alex fills in their foundation with playing passionate, uncompromising, and economical, and genuinely fun to listen to. Also the synths sound very nostalgic but never out of touch, and Geds vocals are in top form, full if his youthful energy and power and height, but mature enough for the softer moments to sound fully sincere and touching, bringing out the poetry of Neil's lyrics, which are masterful whether fantastical or more mundane (though he often references the fantastic in his more real world songs as well). The whole album just feels magical, and it's never too long or too short. The cover art and overall aesthetic is very powerful and compelling, and every song serves a distinct purpose on the album. To me, it's not as "perfect" as MP or Hems may seem, but it's more personal (than Hems especially) and that's what I love about it. It's an album with a distinctive, strong, and likable character all it's own, which is well executed, but it spends every available moment engaging with the listener.

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