23 Favorite Photos from Elvie’s 23rd Month

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23 Favorite Photos from Elvie’s 23rd Month

Postby lonwaysafety » Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:52 pm

23 Favorite Photos from Elvie’s 23rd Month

Here we are, with just one month before Elvie turns two. As usual, I really can’t believe that another month has gone by already. Babyhood is fleeting, and even more so during the holidays. To add to our level of busyness, we had Elvie’s brace to contend with, so it really felt like the month was over in a snap. Still, when I look back at the photos from the month, I know that’s not exactly true. We squeezed a lot of fun and a lot of good memories into Elvie’s twenty-third month. Here are my favorite photos of the month, from the holidays and beyond.23 Favorite PhotosFrom Elvie’s 23rd month!The month started out tired.But who could blame our sweet Elvie? Being in a body brace is hard work, and she held up admirably.Loving the fruit of our Christmas treeGetting a lemon tree for Christmas was our best holiday decision – we all loved savoring the fruit and the sweet smell of the lemon blossoms.Oops! We left out some cookies!It only took Elvie about 30 seconds of one of her brace breaks to find them and help herself.Her first Christmas pageantIt will always be a sweet, hilarious memory.She loves feeding her big sister.When we eat Ethiopian food, we feed each other bites, because that is the tradition. Elvie feels that this should be a tradition for every kind of food, no matter the meal.Still loving the selfies!Most of them are blurry now, because she gets so excited to see her face on the screen.She could win awards for her bed head.Every morning, it looks different, but just as spectacular as the last morning.Proud of her new bike helmetShe chose this bike helmet herself, and she is so proud of it. We are fixing up Zinashi’s old balance bike for her, and I know that once she gets on it, it won’t be long before she’s going fast.Scarf thiefWhen I am wearing a scarf, she thinks she should be wearing a scarf. Unfortunately, she doesn’t own any scarves. She problem solves by just taking mine when she thinks I’m not looking.Dressed as Santa on Christmas morningShe’s finally rounded a corner to where she understands that hats can look cute, and she will leave them on if she likes them. Lucky for us and our Christmas celebration, she loved this Santa hat.Becoming an expert present unwrapperShe used to be confused about how to get started unwrapping a gift, but not anymore! She got plenty of practice at Christmastime, and now she’s an old pro.How many necklaces can Elvie wear at one time?Forty-eight, it turns out.Keeping breakfast time livelyElvie got to be out of her big brace for meals,baby safety, and she took advantage of that by being as silly and exuberant as possible at every meal."Helping" in the kitchenShe’s just certain that taking all the containers out of the bottom cabinets is helpful.A seagull!We went down to Pier 39 to see the sea lions, but Elvie didn’t care about those. She was on the lookout for seagulls and pigeons.Elvie's new accessories!She finally got de-rotation straps so she can walk unassisted. It was a very happy day, and she was incredibly proud.Building things,baby shoes, all by herselfElvie has been a bit dismayed when her big sister and friends play with Legos, and she is not invited or appreciated for her building skills. She got some building blocks that are just right for hands her size, and she is so proud of what she makes.Angelic, for a momentI couldn’t resist taking this photo of Elvie with the light streaming in around her. She’s the most rambunctious little angel you’ll ever meet.Hooray for physical therapy!Once Elvie got her de-rotation straps, she could start physical therapy to work on her walking skills. She was thrilled to come play and not have to wear her big brace for a little while.Fruit is her favorite.If I give Elvie fruit at the beginning of a meal, I can pretty much count on her not eating anything else. She will just devour the fruit. One morning, I indulged her by giving her a plate that had nothing but fruit on it. She was thrilled.Sometimes only a music video helps.As the days that Elvie was in her big brace stretched out into twelve long weeks, she got less and less patient with being in it. Sometimes the only thing I could do to take her mind off it was put on a music video. She preferred the kind with lots of dancing.Physical therapy at homeMostly I just supervised her while she walked, and we would do a few short core strengthening exercises. Her favorite place to walk to was the corner kitchen cabinet,baby car seats, which I have no way of locking. I guess if that’s what motivates her, then I will deal with the mess happily.A selfie with her toy phoneShe mimics everything we do, right down to silly faces while taking photos of herself. What a girl! She keeps us on our toes and keeps us smiling.
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Re: 23 Favorite Photos from Elvie’s 23rd Month

Postby ketsiri237 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:43 pm


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