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Bordeaux coach Bianconero hinted at the swan "Malcolm"
"The Reds" Liverpool may face the "cannon" Arsenal seized the Malcolm offensive line.
According to news reports. sbobet
Evening Standard
Premier League striker Arsene Wenger has been seen as a target for a £ 45m deal for a 20-year-old striker after his agent travels to London to close the deal.
Guggenheim has insinuated Liverpool's interest in being questioned about a player he claims is still loyal to the club.
"I can not deny that he's been tracked by many people with Malcolm, I have to look at them one by one," said Gwen Wennk.
"He is responsible. He is still like in summer. I would not say he was annoying. That has influence He was not disturbed, but he was questioning.
"He asked himself what was best for him and his future. That is a matter of logic. If he asks questions and he continues to make assists and shoot goals, it's OK.
"If Liverpool want you to work with them tomorrow, you'll go. I'm a coach. I want to rely on Malcolm. Malcom must help us. "
"There is one person to judge this. That is a big shareholder. He talks about it at the weekend, but football is still football. " sbobet
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