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News of the 'wilt' may come bounce this summer if the gun bar UCL season.
The media reported that the future of Arsene Wenger faces pressure again may have to step down from the position of
manager of Arsenal. If he leads the team back to the Champions League in the next season does not.
Arsenal want to face the uncertainty that has resulted in the form playing in the Premier League last season. Because of the epic new contract of the Wenger.
The future of Wenger must meet the uncertainty again. And in the background it feels that the club must handle this before it drags until next season.
Signed 2 years before the beginning of this season. Wayne is about to sign a new 12-month contract with the club.
Some executives of the club wanted to make the future of Wenger clear before the season. To avoid the season 2016-17 at the Champions League to play the first since the 1997-98 season.
The first option is to get Wayne out of the squad at the end of the season, the second is to give him a chance to leave the team when the contract expires in the year. 2019 or contract to Wenger out.
At least the Way of Gorgon wants to live up to the current contract. However, the good news of the good people believe that there are plans for Wayne's farewell from the Emirates in the summer already.
The hope of doing more of Wayne will be through the ticket to the Champions League next season.
In addition to the impact on the field. The "cannons" are also concerned that losing one of Europe's biggest tournaments will damage the sponsor's fortunes.
Arsenal are looking for a new sponsorship deal, which will start in the 2019-20 season after a £ 30m-contract with Puma last year will run out at the end of next season.
Adidas and Nike are interested in coming to Puma. As the sponsor of the new Arsenal of the race. ลิ้ ง sbo :geek:
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