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Wings of Gold, the goldsmith team, Chelsea confidently in the potential of the Blues,
the team is ready to make a surprise in the match point out to visit Barcelona Champions League UEFA Champions League. This Wednesday
Back to the first leg, the Brazilian national team grabbed the title of "Man of the Match"
from a prominent form, hitting the post two times before unlocking the team to lead Barça 1-0, but found the Lionel Messi. Shot was unsuccessful
Willem also showcased the latest success, breaking the door to help "Sing the Blues" slashed
over the Crystal Palace 2-1, has been hailed as a great player of the game, but still overlooked. Shock to the championship game. League out to visit the Camp Nou.
"We are well prepared for the Big Match game to come. We are going to go there and show the true identity. We try to do
something special. "The Celestial Wing announced through the famous British television network BT Sports.sbobet168 :roll:
"I think we can do something special. We want to be in the UEFA Champions League this season, although we have to visit the home of the team. Barcelona. "
At the same time, Willemans urged their other 8 players to stop scoring again, even surpassing the top four quota for the Champions. League Season
"We have to keep on counting. We have the right to overtake Top Four. "
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