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Threatened or not, but certainly not. Cesc Fabregas Midfielder in front of the Chelsea team announced that Lionel Messi Barcelona football genius in the UEFA Champions League. Noppamas Nights on this day
Before that, the Argentine national superstar to find the magic play is that throughout the eight games with the "Sing the Blues" never sent the ball to the bottom of the net even a single child until 3 weeks. Before he could successfully unleash a 1-1 in the first leg at Stamford Bridge.
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However, Chesk, who has been playing alongside Messi for three years in Catalan, has revealed his plans to stop an old friend is to try every possible way to keep this old friend happy.
"If I was lucky enough to go to the field, it was. It is true that both of our playing positions are very close. "Former Arsenal captain opened his mind through the news agency Sky Sports News.
"It's really hard to stop Messi, but I'm going to try to do everything I can to make him feel uncomfortable, so he can not beat the best form."
Of course, even when I was a friend before, but when in the field, I look at him as the opposite enemy to overcome it.
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