You need to balance your work

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You need to balance your work

Postby Mmoak2018 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:36 pm

The raid leader makes accurate calculations to find the best way to distribute material to the various elements of the rally Gold in WoW Classic, while the invaders make dungeons and make items to prepare for future challenges. When a player does not make active trips while progressing, he is expected to perform mythical dungeons back to back. Method members can spend hours each day in the same dungeon, hoping for luck and receiving only one update. Rollovers are a game of numbers, and the boredom of agriculture is a burden that they must bear to get all the benefits.

'Finally, a very stressful week,' sighs Xirips. 'When you also need to balance your work, it can sometimes be sharp.' Because heroic raids assign loot only once a week, the method must use the system to maximize the speed with which it can equip its members. Instead of launching a single heroic air raid with the main character of all rivals of the same small group, Method divides the group into separate rally teams consisting mainly of alks, so that the group of loot is much larger and each piece of equipment is less intense. In this way, the main characters can get the necessary material and drip residue.

During a normal raid, this preparation is intense, but Justwait explains that the whirlpool of factors specific to the Battle of Azeroth has come together to make this week of heroic splits particularly painful. published just before the battle of Azeroth, plundering the champion was an option for the party or rally leader to assign the number of falls of the scheme previously determined at its discretion to other members of the group. This is the classic way raids have always worked: let the team decide who will get what is based on merit and needs, which has changed with Battle for Azeroth.

Now, to the disappointment of professional invaders, World of Warcraft uses a 'personal loot' system in which each player gets loot directly and can then exchange it (with many restrictions) for other team members. group. Director WoW, Ion Hazzikostas, explained in Q 0026 R that the reason for this change was to prevent players from being at the mercy of the looter, and discourage this method of invasion was resolved.

This is a very unpopular decision. 'Before this expansion, we had a major looter. You have just begun [attack] and you gave it to anyone you want Buy WoW Classic Gold. You did not have to worry about your commercial equipment, explains Justwait. 'With personal loot, it's just complicated stuff. He does not feel good anymore. [Blizzard] tried to avoid running in two parts and of course understood that 'we always find a new way to cross the line and continue to push us'.
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