5 Seconds Wheelie Achievement

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5 Seconds Wheelie Achievement

Postby Azureflux » Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:03 pm

I've been trying to clear the achievements list, and all I have left (besides the "reset achievements" one) is the 5 second wheelie. It just seems frankly the hardest one to get. I've managed a side-wheelie for that long but the game doesn't consider it.
So, do you guys have any tips on how to get it? Any actual execution? I've been trying to jump, tilt it backwards then use the boosts to balance it, but it just seems outright insane doing it that way, impossible, even.
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Re: 5 Seconds Wheelie Achievement

Postby Kyle » Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:38 pm

Alright, I'll do my best to help you with this one!

I think the best setup to attempt this achievement is actually in the Credits level with the Interceptor. The Credits level gives you infinite heat (boost and wings) and has a long strait road in it so you'll have a lot of space to attempt the wheelie.

Okay so first when attempting this, make sure to be boosting so you can keep the momentum up while wheelieing. Then perform a back tilt jump by tilting the car back and then tapping the back down jet button as you tap the jump button simultaneously. Once you are in the air with the car, it should be in a wheelieing like position. At this point you have to subtly tilt the car in whatever direction that will help place the back tires on the road but not the front tires. I admit that this is very tricky at first and will probably take a number of attempts but once you figure it out I think it will feel a bit more natural and intuitive. Now this next part might seem to be the opposite of what you would naturally think. Anyways, once you are in a wheelieing state, I would actually tilt the car forward so the back bumpers are not scraping the road as much, giving you better control over the car while wheelieing. When tilting forward, you won't lose the wheelie as long as you are boosting the entire time.

The hard part of this is honestly getting into the wheelieing state, once you are in that state, you can get the achievement rather quickly.

Good luck and have fun with this challenge!
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Re: 5 Seconds Wheelie Achievement

Postby tartley » Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:21 pm

Nice one Kyle! I managed it after following your instruction.

I couldn't quite pull it off exactly as you describe: Once I get into the "wheelieing like position", then as soon as the back end or back tyres of my car touch the ground, no matter how gently I try to set them down, it whips the front of my car down onto the road again. The key (I think) other then persistance and a bit of luck, was to not actually launch into the air at all. The taps on jump and back down jet have to flow in rapid succession and are each just a very brief tap. Once I had this rhythm down, the car ended up not in the air but practically wheelieing straight away. I didn't have much success with trying to lower the nose at that point (it was about 60 degrees up from the horizontal) - that seemed to just make me lose the wheelie, so after a while I stopped trying that, and after a few minutes of attempts, one of them just worked, and I simply held down boost for the duration of the wheelie.

Thanks for the guidance!
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Re: 5 Seconds Wheelie Achievement

Postby Ripsaw » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:22 am

Best method to get achievement:

1) Choose the "credits" option on the menu. This track has infinite boost and plenty of straight road.
2)When you start, DO NOT PRESS ANY ARROW KEYS.Immediately boost, jump and then use the rear booster to tilt the car to hover along the road.
3)use the arrow keys to fine tune your tilt so that you gradually descend towards the track, I mean gradually...very.
4)When you land make sure that you aren't pressing any arrow keys or the small boosters, just keep the main one on.
5)the car should hold the wheelie, at speed your car will start to swerve, but it should hold long enough to get the achievement

Remember to hover across first so you can fine tune to make a very gradual decent. It's very tricky but it's the best solution so far that i know of.
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Re: 5 Seconds Wheelie Achievement

Postby Azureflux » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:45 am

Thanks for the input! I actually managed to do this yesterday. Not only that, I have made the whole credits stretch from start to finish while wheelieing haha. It actually locks into it, it's much easier when you get it down.

Here's what I've done.

1. Go in the credits.
2. Boost for a second, while tilting the car with the "S" key (if you're using the keyboard) and then jump.
3. Let go of the "S" key, but hold the boost.
4. If you've done this right (meaning the car jumped, then landed at the right angle) you should be locked into wheelieing position. Just hold boost and 5 seconds should be easy, no need to do anything else, just boost.
As I said, I actually managed to wheelie through the whole stretch, so there you go!

Last achievement get!
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