Nitronic Rush is an awesome blend of awesome games.

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Nitronic Rush is an awesome blend of awesome games.

Postby Lobotomy » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:16 pm

It has the speed and player control of Sonic Unleashed (day)/Generations (Modern)/Colours with the havoc and jumping from Crazy Taxi, air control and racing elements from F-Zero X/GX, and it's own unique gravity control.

And, of course, the atmosphere of TRON and REZ.

For reference: ... re=related

I can say though, that regardless of the similarities to these games, Nitronic Rush is the most unique game I've played in a long time.
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Re: Nitronic Rush is an awesome blend of awesome games.

Postby Berdie19 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:19 am


Nitronic Rush is an innovative survival racing game set inside a futuristic computer city that has been infected and transformed by a strange virus.
Your mission is to seek the virus core with your interceptor, racing through colorful environments while avoiding computer generated hazards along the way.
Best described as the uncanny love child of SanFrancisco Rush 2049, Ridge Racer, Trackmania, Split Second Velocity, Wipeout, Tron, Coolboarders and Starfox (among others), Nitronic Rush is an homage to the racing games from the 90s and the work of a team of students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

The game features 4 modes, each with their own courses and secret routes, an unlockable ghost feature, and a myriad of achievements to collect as you progress.
You can of course choose to rush to the finish line as fast as possible like in any racing game, but that's only half the fun.
The catch is that the car you're driving is also equipped with trusters that can propel you in any given direction while you're in mid-air.
With that in mind, you're encouraged to execute the craziest stunts and rack up bonus points in an attempt to break highscores while triumphing over evil.
You've got a vast amount of freerange in how you can tackle each course, but the emphasis is always on having lots of fun.
Note that the game is natively compatible with X360 controllers, and was meant to be played this way. So if you have one handy, you're in for a treat.

With its impressive graphics, tight controls, mindblowing car physics, rock solid level design and adaptive challenge, it sounds almost inconcevable that this game could have been created from scratch (without any pre-existing engine) by a group of up-and-coming game devs.
Not only that, but it also features a fantastic soundtrack with some excellent and distinctive electronic music that'll get stuck into your head as you navigate the treacherous roads and make your way to the Core.

Be prepared to dive into the void with nothing but you reflexes to avoid bottomless pits, giant seessaws, moving walls, falling shards and virus sentinels.
Spin, jump, ride on walls and boost your way to the finish. And if the worst comes to worst, you can always deploy your wings and do a barrel roll.
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Re: Nitronic Rush is an awesome blend of awesome games.

Postby Mr. Mister » Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:26 am

↑ This is what should be on the description for Nitronic Rush's entry on the Indie Game CHallange, instead of some copuy and paste saying " set to release in late Fall 2011" and ignoring the fact that it's free.
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