Learn the rules of baccarat.

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Learn the rules of baccarat.

Postby pang40 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:28 pm

Learn the rules of baccarat.
Who started to fascinate and interested in playing baccarat. For newbies who are looking for information and to learn how to play baccarat. I know that first. This game is a bet on both sides of the player and Banker. You have a choice of which side will be closer to 9, which will have the following betting format is Player PLAYER BANKER PLAYER, BANKER BETA BANKER, TIEGAME BETTING, PLAYER PAIR BET BANKER PAIR bets the dealer's hand on the cards, BIG bets on both sides of the cards, and the cards are high, SMALL bets that the cards on both sides are low.
The baccarat deal. Two cards of no more than three cards will be distributed to the player, the second card to the dealer, the บาคาร่า third card to the player, the fourth card to the dealer Who needs a third card? There are special rules for adding cards.


When a side which includes a card with the highest 9 points wins, if the player bets on the player. If a player wins a one-time bet, for example, a 100-bet bet will pay 100 bahts. The Banker will win 95% of the money, because the deduction is a big percentage, such as a bet of 100, 95 baht, etc. If the bet will always be 8 times, such as 100 bets 800, or if the player is out. A pair or a banker to win a pair of money to win 11 times, such as 100 baht bet is 1,100 baht.
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Re: Learn the rules of baccarat.

Postby bananapie894 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:18 pm

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