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The Red Devils paid heavy hopes for Alexis to take the offensive line.
Red Devils Manchester United are rumored to grab Alexis Sanchez, the offensive line of Arsenal to join the team this summer Alexis Sanchez, the main player of the cannon. The news with the big club for a while, especially with Manchester City rivals Manchester City with the other players want each other to join the Red Devils also became a news with both. Antoine, Greece, Gannet and Gareth Bale to grab the extra game. This summer But it must be folded before. There have been reports earlier that the Blues are ready to cancel the hunt for Alexis Sanchez because he did not want to pay 35 million pounds for free but wait for Alexis Sanchez contract with. Last season, however, the Red Devils did not wait for the offer to pay the temptation Alexis 350,000 pounds a week and also pay the star players 29 years to R. Another 30 years. Pound exchange before the end of his contract. Of course this is what makes this. I do not want to lose money to the guns, but the Red Devils are willing to do it.
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