Marko Arnautovic has involved himself with West Ham

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Marko Arnautovic has involved himself with West Ham

Postby Porsrun » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:41 pm


GROWING up on the wrong side of the tracks in Vienna, Marko Arnautovic would sometimes resort to his fists to sort out beer777 a problem. He quickly learned the consequence of bad decisions, how choosing the wrong path can lead to some very dark places. Violence, drug-dealing, prison. Arnautovic had football to steer him towards safety, and he is now a multi-millionaire international. But in beer777 his adopted home city, he has found the problems facing the young are the same – yet the consequences are more dire still. Instead of fists, blades have become the weapons of choice, and the cost is terrifying. “Before, back in the day when I was young, when you had some problems, you dealt with it with your hands. No one had a knife,” he said. “Now it has changed. There are a lot of mafia movies that show that maybe you are a tough guy when you put something in your pocket. But it is very dangerous.” Arnautovic is taking a hands-on approach in beer777 West Ham’s Players’ Project, launched this week. The club will commit £10million over the next three years to help the deprived communities around them and attempt to inspire positive change, and the 29-year-old hopes he can use his own childhood experiences to relate to London’s youngsters. “I had a lot of friends who were also football players. Some of them ended up in prison, some of them had injuries,” he said.
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