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Postby mama55 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:35 am

Reported that the plate Luigi Donna Rumma, the arbiter of Rising Stars. Milan prepares move to Paris Saint-Germain next season.
Massimiliano Milan's sports miracle is announcing that they have already told Napoli they want to talk to Kepler. This is the end of the season when the season is over.
Even though it may not be a Spanish word, it will come to play in San Francisco. City, but the news about the future of Donna Rama back to the media area again.
The report said that for a 3-year long-term offer and a fee of up to 3 million euros per month, it would not be possible for him to join the team as a backup.
And that might open the way for Donna Rama to keep his baggage out of the club, with "Ashes" is a favorite to get his signature.sbobet168 :mrgreen:
The report stated that the matter would actually increase if the team from Paris succeeded in pulling Antonio. Conte replaces the position of Unya.
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