After "upgrading" my computer, the game crashes

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After "upgrading" my computer, the game crashes

Postby JoeClark » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:03 am

Please help me out. I'm desperate, and if you're just going to !@#$ on me for not having the best specs, please just don't. I'm really frustrated. Also keep in mind: I'm not a pro on specs at all, I got a lot of help from my step dad who works on computers for a living.
I just "upgraded" my computer. A short while back I upgraded my gpu and I also got an SSD. After doing that, everything was still fine. I could play wow just like before on my stone-age-old computer (if you wonder why I upgraded when I already could play wow: because I wanted to play newer games too as well as get better graphics quality).
Last week I upgraded my cpu, motherboard and fan. Tried to play and it crashed when I was going to do a boss. The screens just turned themselves off and I had to manually restart. Yesterday I formatted my c-drive and re-installed w10 (which is the operating system i've used since it was released, never used to have problems with it and wow). I have now re-installed wow, opened it, only walked around the brewfest area for less than a minute I believe then it crashed again. I get a green screen on one of the monitors. Then I had to manually reset. I'm broken. This is my favorite game and after "upgrading" I can't even play it.

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