What is tiger dragon?

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What is tiger dragon?

Postby pang40 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:07 pm

What is tiger dragon?
This is a very famous casino game in our house, because it originated from Cambodia when anyone wants to play. I have to play at the Asian only. Which is rarely in the casinos in Europe due to the origin of Cambodia. For those who love the style of play that does not have to win anything and have a simple way. This can also be used to generate income for many people with a single card game can point to the player.
tiger dragon is a card game with 52 cards in standard and use up to 6-8 cards for each play. Dragon Tigers play only one side only. For playing This game does not play against the dealer, find the winner, for example, with a card gclub or other types of cards. But like a baccarat, just want to compare whether the dragon or tiger will get the highest points. Unlike a casino, the dealer can draw more cards. Dragon Tigers is a game that closely resembles Casio Wars. By having a single card on the dragon or tiger side. There will be no more cards.
Players can watch cards or cards high. It's easy to find the right way to keep track of the cards, because there are four possible risks. At any given time, more than one set of 3-in-4 cards is good for changing the playing table. Tiger in the casino.

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