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Postby love55 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:04 am

This game has it! Sheppardi pointed out Spurs play a trickle against Lester.
Maurizio Shetland, manager of Tottenham hotspots, pointed out that the team started the game with a limp.
The Raiders lost to Leicester City 1-2 in the Premier League game in midweek. Last Tuesday
 Encourage the team to learn from this. I'm going to continue to improve.sbobet
Lester led the way ahead 2-0 in the first half, with Jamie Vardy and
Riyadh Mahler as Spurs chase 1-2 in the 79th minute from Harry Ken.
 But finally, I can not escape defeat.
Must leave the team after the game.
"I think we started the game very limp. That makes us so disappointed.
 We need to learn from this that we need to start every game.
The first thought is that we will fight and intend to compete, "said the Golden Horn.
"Leicester showed more of this than us.
 Although we have the opportunity to shoot and stay in the game. sbobet
 But we are still very bad. "
With such a defeat, Spurs
Still ranked 5th with 24 points. The opportunity to be.
 Liverpool overtake in the league program tonight. The Reds go to Stoke City. sbobet
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