Very well!

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Very well!

Postby da111 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:37 pm

sbobet thaiCarlos Carvalon, manager of Swansea City, is not worried about the dedication of Kei-young midfielders. Even players have news to move the team after the contract with "White Swan" until the end of this season only. High quality and promised to play a hundred.Carlos Carvalhal manager of the "White Swan" Swansea City Premier League club. It was revealed on Tuesday, 27 February that he is not worried about the dedication of Chi-yong midfielder of the team in any way, although the news of the transfer team.South Korea kicked up a key player in the Liberty Stadium, but now the player left Swansea contract less than 6 months, while it was reported that AC Milan's Italian team want to go to supplement. Last but Carvalhal confirmed that the players will not be distracted by the rumors of a move to San Suro.
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