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Postby mama55 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:27 am

Pep Guardiola Super Coach Manchester City to complain after the defeat of the FC Basel Raiders to clear the beaten to the 2-1 penalty,
the players are not willing to attack in the second half, let the rivals break through the door.
The results of the first leg. "Blue Blues" to score 4-0 to start the game just 8 minutes up to lead from Gabrielle, making many people
named Scrooge should shoulder, but turned out to be the team of the Swiss. Two goals from Mohammed Elu Nussa and Mikael Lark.
After finishing the match, the former Barcelona trainer analyzed the cause of the defeat in the game, it is due to the score from the first leg to four doors, players do not think to open the game.
"The first half we played out quite well. In the second half, we forgot to open the game. You have to open the game to enter.
It's not good to get the ball back. "Guerrero blamed the BBC television network after the game.sbobet88888 :mrgreen:
"The second half is a shameful form. It may be because the first leg 4-0 away, resulting in this appointment we play is not easy. We are tired. This is what we just want to say. "
At the same time, Pepper also spoke of the opportunity to young star Philolphen, midfielder, 17-year-old under-age playing alongside Yaya Toure.
"This is a great opportunity for us to give the young players the chance to experience the game and get the most out of the European stage."
"I saw both Bernardo Silva and Ilkay Gundogan look tired from heavy fighting for several matches. I need to add some freshness. To restore is coming back "
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