Very well!

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Very well!

Postby da111 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:04 am

sbobet mobileDaily Mail, England's Premier League midfielder, has been given the last leg of a rehearsal. I do not know if it will help the team in the game with Liverpool or not, he did not travel to the hotel with the team. Manchester United's Premier League midfielder Pavel Pablo has been injured in the leg of his practice on Friday, March 9, so far it is unclear whether he will play. The game "Red Boil" appointment at the agency opened the nest Old Bridge to visit Liverpool on Saturday, March 10 (local time), according to a report of the Daily Mail. Media of the CityThe media said that Pakba had suffered a leg injury during the last rehearsal at Carrington, so that he could not continue training. And now his chance to play the game with Liverpool is 50-50, he did not travel to the hotel. Which is the premise of the team before play. Last Friday, March 9th.Pablo has just returned in the last two matches, the team beat Chelsea 2-1 and sliced ​​Crystal Palace 3-2. After the previous two games, he dropped out of the team's 11th dart. In the midst of the rumors that the dispute with Jose Mourinho manager of the Portuguese team hard. The role within the team.
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