Nitronic Rush - free racing game from digipen

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Nitronic Rush - free racing game from digipen

Postby aaronpawlak » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:23 pm


I just tried out Nitronic Rush from some students at digipen. They're calling it a "survival driving game" whatever that means, but basically you're driving a car in a tron-like world. Oh yeah and your car has jets and can even fly. I'm enjoying it so far! The two main things I don't like about it are 1) the keyboard controls kinda suck- they pretty much made it for an xbox 360 controller, and 2) the "announcer" every time you do a flip, or reach a checkpoint, or even select menu items, is so irritating (but you can turn him off in the options thankfully).

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