Nitronic Rush competition, with prizes!

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Nitronic Rush competition, with prizes!

Postby spadekevin » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:30 am


It's time for the first official Rolling Start competition! The Kickstarter for Distance was a success and the game will, according to the updates, soon be entering its Alpha stage. They've had the game displayed on Game Developers Conference and backers got a two-minute direct-feed video of the game in its pre-alpha stage, and it's already looking very, very nice. A lot like Nitronic Rush, as is to be expected, but with added coolness and some very welcome changes.I'm a Distance backer and I opted for the $50 reward which was:
BACKER VEHICLE: Get 2 COPIES of everything from the $25 tier plus both of you get access to the special BACKER-ONLY VEHICLE: the digital download of the soundtrack, the digital art book including concept art and production art, the beta, the released game on PC or Mac, access to the private discussion community, and get 2 names in the credits level.So that means I have an extra copy of the game, soundtrack, backer-only vehicle and other things to give away. And I figured I would give it away as a prize in a competition. So here goes!The competition will start on April 16th. From now until then you can register for the competition, just post your desire to join in this thread. Because Nitronic Rush handles its leaderboards in a somewhat unique way, the tournament will work like this: As soon as the registrations close I will PM to each participant a password. What it actually is, is the name of the online group you are to use when posting your results in Nitronic Rush. With this I can easily check your results and ghost car to make sure everything's alright when the competition ends, and nobody has hacked the wings to be availableon a track that normally doesn't allow them.The reason I have to do it this way, instead of just having one single online group for everybody to post their results in, is because the groups only save the Top 10 results, and more importantly, whenever a player submits a result to an online group, it does not delete their old result for that group. So with one online group that everybody would use it's possible there would just be a single name taking every space on the leaderboard.

For more details:
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