what would you do to advance Apex Legends

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what would you do to advance Apex Legends

Postby Mmoak2018 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:11 pm

Legend acclimation issues.This brings us to our final botheration (for now): Fable balancing. Some Apex Legends coins feel absolute baffled while others accept affectionate of useless. Sometimes it's just one adeptness that's too able or doesn't plan all that well.For instance, Pathfinder is already broadly abominable aloft the association as the affliction Fable with the atomic advantageous appropriate powers. That's too bad because he's a funny apprentice that deserves bigger mechanics.

Or yield Mirage's super. You bandy out a agglomeration of clones and afresh blind yourself temporarily, acceptable airy to adversary players. But that affectionate of makes the clones themselves abortive aback enemies can just accept that whenever a agglomeration of Mirage clones appearance up none of them are absolute aback the absolute one is invisible.

Meanwhile you accept baffled Legends like Gibraltor who has a absorber he uses whenever he aims a weapon, a arch absorber he can bung down to assure himself and teammates from adversary fire, and afresh a huge breadth of aftereffect battery air-conditioned that can yield out absolute squads.This is to be accepted at launch, of course, but some TLC adherent to Fable acclimation would go a continued ways. It's not terrible, by any means, but little tweaks actuality and there could accomplish a huge difference.

Bonus: Movement tweaks.I don't anticipate this bold needs double-jumping or wall-running to be great, and I apprehend that Respawn said it messes up action . . . but . . . I anticipate a double-jump would still be ambrosial cool. Maybe even some affectionate of abbreviate wall-run, even if you couldn't go absolute far and even if this accepting couldn't alternation like it does in Titanfall. I aswell wouldn't be adjoin giving anybody Pathfinder's grappling angle as a way to accomplish bridge even faster (and giving Pathfinder something else.)

Now it's your turn. Alfresco of crashes and added achievement issues, what would you do to advance Apex Legends? What problems do you accept with Apex Legends Items game, and which of abundance do you disagree with? Let me apperceive on Twitter and Facebook and I may even amend the column if readers arise up with some acceptable ideas. Acknowledgment for endlessly by!
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