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Postby love55 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:31 pm

Chelsea have announced their Barclays Premier League contract for five and a half years.
have announced they have seized Ross Barley from Everton with a fee. The £ 15million signing of the
£ 5m deal has been almost over for Chelsea since last summer at £ 35m, but the move has not come to an end.
the The trading because the trader time to think this over. The winter market, Chelsea is not waiting for Everton again.
And after agreeing a £ 15million deal, sbobet they
rushed to the 24-year-old to become the first new player in the winter market. Barley has signed a contract with the
"Sing the Blues" for five and a half years and will wear No.8 shirt on the field. "I am very happy. I'm so
excited and excited to get started, "Barley told the club website. "To start a new club with Chelsea is
unbelievable for me. I look forward to continuing what I did until the end of the season. I hope to develop and shoot more goals. "sbobet
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